Downham Market Twinning Club

September meeting- barbeque

Thirty four members and guests enjoyed a delicious barbeque on Sunday 10th September in Richard Ehlers’ delightful garden, which is like a welcome oasis in the centre of town.

In charge of the barbeque was our chairman Steve Reynolds who performed miracles on two relatively small barbeques to ensure the meat was all ready for 1 p.m. The remainder of the food was prepared by Denise Whiley, our Catering Officer and members of the committee. The main course of meat, salad and French bread was followed by strawberries and cream.

Occasional showers were forecast for the afternoon, but we were fortunate that, after an early light one which sent us scurrying under the trees for cover, it remained dry. However, it was unseasonably cold for September, and after enjoying an excellent lunch, most of us left for the warmth of our homes.